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How to Fix your Facebook Tracking Pixel Troubles and Continue Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Having troubles with your Facebook tracking pixel? Here is how to fix those troubles and continue selling on Facebook with Shopify?

You’ve spent a lot of money on creating your Facebook ads for Shopify and you’ve seen no results so far. We suppose you are frustrated and overwhelmed. You think that you not as good as you thought you’d be. Well, here is one information you don’t know – Facebook changed its pixel tracking system. Your Facebook ads could have been converting and you just didn’t know.

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The next thing you can do is use the Facebook Pixel Helper tool and search for possible errors. Install the Facebook Pixel Error and go to your Shopify store. Find the Facebook pixel icon in the search browser and you will see the option “View Content”. This is the default pixel that fires when a visitor comes to your product page. Click on the “Add to Cart” and again click on the Pixel. You will see “AddtoCart” pixel (if you notice an exclamation before the pixel, don’t worry, that doesn’t affect the tracking at all). Now, go to the shopping cart and do a checkout, you will notice “InitiateCheckout” pixel. Once you will buy something, you will see the pixel fired through the Pixel Helper. You will discover 5 Facebook events that Shopify actually provides including View Content, PageView, AddtoCart, InitiateCheckout, Purchase.

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If you want to clean up your website from conflicting tracking pixels, you can go to your Shopify Admin panel, click “Online Store” and then “Themes”. You will notice a button with 3 dots so please select “Edit HTML and CSS”. In the Layout folder, find and select “theme.liquid”. Press CTRL + F and type “,!-Facebook”. This should select the new facebook pixel.

Now that you are familiar with where the tracking pixels are provoked, let’s see, how to track purchase conversion value. In order for you to find your metrics, you can go to Business Manager and then Ads Reporting.

Click on “Create Report” and then “Columns”. Choose “Customize Columns”. Search for the KPIs you need. We suggest using Purchase, Cost per Purchase, AddtoCart, Clicks, Cost Per Click, Reach, Impressions. Once you are done. You will see a report and have more clarity on what ads are working for your business.

If you had troubles with tracking, these tips will help you solve those troubles and continue selling on Facebook using Shopify.