Integrating Shopify with Facebook

Facebook shop

Thinking of integrating Facebook with Shopify? Now is the good time. Integrating your Facebook with Shopify comes with many advantages. Some of them include increasing efficiency, quality improvement (with the help of reviews and feedback from customers), marketing becomes easy (through Facebook shop extensions and ads), convenience and many other things.  Along with this, other factors will result in building customer trust, increasing engagement and sales. Facebook is a huge platform where millions of users spend most of their time. It’s perfect for selling your product and reaching out to potential customers.

This article discusses the method to integrate your Facebook with Shopify. Here is a list of steps to follow in order to integrate Shopify with Facebook.

  1. The first step is to install the tracking pixels of Facebook in Shopify. The function of tracking pixel is to monitor user activity and the effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Open Ads Manager > Click on Pixels (under Measure & Report) > Copy the Pixel ID of your account > Move to Shopify Store > Click on Online Store and then Preferences > Paste Pixel ID

  1. Integrate Facebook shop with your store using Shopify’s Facebook app. Install the app and use the Shopify Lite Package (for $9). You’ll be asked to connect with your Facebook page, once you install the app. Users can be asked to checkout on Shopify.
  1. User Generated Content. Many people believe in the experiences of other individuals, that’s why before purchasing a product, they read reviews. User generated content is something that would help you increase your sales. There are many apps for this, such as Shoppable Instagram Feed by Sneez. Through this app, users are sent emails and encouraged to make User Generated Content on Instagram. This app costs $25/month and provides a free trial for 7 days.
  1. Creating Ads for Instagram and Facebook through Facebook’s dynamic ads.

Install Flexify’s Product Feed App > select products you wish to include in the feed > Select Format Feed option > Copy URL > Go to Catalogue on Ads Manager > Select your product category > Name the Catalogue and select page > Set schedule > Enter the URL of data feed.

Therefore, integrating Shopify with Facebook can help achieve greater results in terms of increase in reach and hence, sales. Many brands put a lot of efforts to manage their social platforms. Therefore, if you integrate it with Shopify, it would prove to be more advantageous.