Proven Ways To Integrate Shopify With Facebook! 

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You might wonder about how social media can collaborate with ecommerce websites. However, social media giant has already stepped into ecommerce world and influencing people’s buying decisions. Being a robust tool, Facebook gets attention of those who wants to market their products and sell them without a hitch.

This is why an ecommerce platform you choose to build an e-store with should have the ability to integrate with social media account, in particular Facebook. For instance, Ecommerce solution Shopify allows their users to add products on Facebook at just a single click. This allows retailers to connect with their customers instantly; hence improves quality, and work flow efficiency.

Following are some proven ways to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook.

Add Facebook Tracking Pixel to Shopify Store

If you’re currently working on Facebook ads, choosing to drive retarget traffic to your site would be an added benefit. By installing Facebook’s Tracking Pixel on ecommerce site, you can track user activity and conversion rate of your visitors. However, Shopify’s way to install this tool is even easier and doesn’t require any backend coding.

Sync a Facebook Shop with Your Store

Since, each brand has its own Facebook page, where they can sell their products and services directly via Facebook Shop. How about choosing a platform that can allow you setting up a Facebook Shop which solely syncs with your site?

Well, Shopify offers a Facebook channel app for its merchants.  Being a store owner, you can sell products directly on Facebook and it doesn’t require you to keep up with inventory and pricing listing. After all, your social media account and ecommerce site is syncing data. So, all of this becomes a hassle free process. Even you can also choose selected products and sell them either on your store or through Facebook account.

Include a social media tab in your store

The other way to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook is to incorporate a tool as Social Media Tabs by Leadslide. This is a free app which allows you to place social media icons on your ecommerce storefront. You can put those icons where you want and choose colour of these icons accordingly.


When you integrate your Shopify store with Facebook, it can bring more benefits to your business. Regardless of what tool or app you use to connect the two, integration helps with greater reach to customers, save your time, and increase sales effectiveness.

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