How to sell products on Facebook channel with Shopify

Facebook channel

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platform for quickly setting an online store up and running , and powers more than 100,000 stores in around 150 countries World Wide. The internet has made this world a global village, buying and selling of goods online has opened up a new window for businesses but to make this easier and better such online stores need to be accessible to the general public through social media sites too.

Why do I need this?

Very rarely do people visit the actual online stores on their own merely because they are not aware of any such store’s existence. But with the help of Facebook advertisements they end up opening the link and visit those sites. Thus, social media platforms play an amazing role in marketing your goods and even businesses. So why not make use of such platforms to increase selling?

Particularly Facebook, almost every single person has an account on Facebook. They either use it for entertainment, education or just pass time scrolling around. That is a good time when you can catch your potential customers and have them look around at your store and most importantly buy some of your products.

Sell products using Facebook Channel

Facebook channel is an application that helps you sell your products on Facebook from the shop section of your online store. All you have to do is use Facebook channel to create a Facebook shop and then you can manage that shop through Shopify.

You can share and tag products in Facebook posts to increase discoverability on Facebook. You can also increase the reach of your posts by paying to boost the page. With Facebook channel and Shopify, you can:

  • Add a shop on your Facebook page
  • Manage the products available on the Facebook shop.
  • Manage the collections and rearrange orders of the collections on Facebook shop
  • US customers can check out on Facebook using Shopify payments
  • Full fill placed orders on Facebook
  • Sales tracking can be done using sales channel and Analytics page

Eligibility requirements

To use the application, you need to:

  • Make a Facebook page and be its admin
  • Sell in currency that Facebook supports
  • Allow customers to email in the store details section of your Shopify settings


Using Facebook to sell products is a very effective way to boost your online business as many customers can be attracted by the help of Facebook page.

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